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Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Oct 6 00:24:02 BST 2008

claydoh wrote:
> And  you don't see the overall aggressiveness and whininess from those who
>  continue to gripe and complain about something that isn't going to change
> in our distro as a factor in this?

    And this is the problem.  "that isn't going to change".  It *should*
change.  These are the very same users pro-kde4 people are saying should be
doing who knows what.  They are telling you what they want and they are being
*ignored right now*.  This is the Dolphin fiasco all over again.  "You'll take
it and you'll LIKE it!"  Sorry, I still loathe dolphin.  It literally PISSES
me off every time I use it.  I said it then and was basically told to shut up.

   Either they want our input or they don't.  But when our input isn't what
they want they shouldn't just ignore it and you (and others) certainly
shouldn't berate us lamenting that we're being actively ignored.

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