Beta 8.10 released

p.daniels teeahr1 at
Sat Oct 4 15:34:58 BST 2008

On Saturday October 4 2008 09:29:56 Billie Walsh wrote:
> No, I feel like it's up to KDE. Why else would you make something that
> is obviously a beta, or "RC" at best, the "Release". They rushed the
> release to meet distro deadlines. (K)Ubuntu realized it wasn't ready for
> prime time so declined to make 8.04 and LTS and released with both
> versions of KDE. Whether 4.1.1 is ready for prime time  and should be
> the only (K)Ubuntu release, well............................

We've been over this like fifty million times on this list. Either you agree 
with the KDE team's rationale or you don't. By this point, I don't think 
anyone's going to change their opinion on the matter.

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