Beta 8.10 released

James Tappin sjt at
Fri Oct 3 21:35:16 BST 2008

On Fri, 03 Oct 2008 21:28:02 +0100
Chris Jones <jonesc at> wrote:

CJ> > Except that 8.04 wasn't an LTS release for Kubuntu, either...
CJ> Going a little OT here,  but I never understood how this works.
CJ> kubuntu is just ubuntu with a different default desktop right ? So
CJ> if I install ubuntu 8.04 I have an LTS release. If I then install
CJ> the KDE desktop do I still have an LTS release, or have I
CJ> mysteriosuly lost this in the process .. Just pondering.

The KDE part support will stop earlier than for gnome+core (I don't know
if KDE support will stop at the normal duration for a regular *buntu
release or if it will continue until support of KDE3 becomes impractical
owing to discontinued support upstream).

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