How to configure printer in Kubuntu 8.10

Wulfy wulfmann at
Sun Nov 23 13:01:47 GMT 2008

I hate System Settings!

For the first time since I reinstalled, I have to print something out.  
Of course, my printer needs configuring.  So easy in KControl...  
Peripherals/Printers.  <sigh>

I open System Settings and find... nothing about the printer. Zilch.  
Nada.  Nowt.

I could configure my joystick, if I had one, but not my printer.  I 
wonder what percentage of users have joysticks compared to those who 
have printers?

Assuming for a moment that the developers of System Settings didn't have 
a brain fart and leave the printer config dialog out completely, where 
did they hide it?????

I realise that I have to get used to KDE4 and things are different, but 
come on!  No printer config??????????????????



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