Why do people dislike Dolphin?

Alan Dacey GrokIt at ajinfosearch.com
Sat Nov 8 18:06:41 GMT 2008

Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> Alan Dacey wrote:
>> Willy K. Hamra wrote:
>>> dont believe it :P IE8 beta got an incredible 18/100 in the last ACID3
>>> Test, a 4 point increase :P whereas firefox takes in 70s, konqi takes 78
>>> in KDE4, used to take less i remember in KDE3.
>> ACID3 results in 8.04 / Kde 3.5.10
>> Firefox	71
>> IE6 	4   (ies4linux)
>> Konq	??  I can't see the number (either 6 or 37)
> now i remember, yes, it's tricky to get the number, since it's under one
> of the frames, you can select it from wherever it is, just blindly
> select it, and copy/paste it somewhere. i can't believe the the standard
> compliant konq can behave like this. but then, khtml got a lot better in
> KDE4.

I read the KDE blogs and it sounds like there are a lot of missing things that 
will be in the next release.  When that comes out is when I will upgrade since 
it is missing some functionality right now.  It is fun to play with until then.

I fired up my vbox and in beta5 konq scored a 76.  Definite improvement!  I can 
actually see the number.


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