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Ian MacGregor ardchoille42 at
Thu Nov 6 21:07:07 GMT 2008

I'm retired and spend my free time helping other folks switch to Linux - I 
hold classes in my area to accomplish this. I usually offer a number of Linux 
distros with Kubuntu and Ubuntu being the top two.

I have been using Kubuntu for a while. I spent a half an hour installing 
Kubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) on my main machine and it usually takes me another 
twenty minutes to get up and running. Yesterday I spent two hours attempting 
to fix numerous bugs - I found over 20 bugs. 

Here's some friendly advice.. bring back KDE 3.5.10. Fork it, create a whole 
new DE based on 3.5.10, do something because I refuse to use KDE4* and I'll 
bet I'm not the only one.. it's the biggest pile of feces I've ever seen in 
the software world. This is a classic example of "trying to look pretty and 
sacrificing productivity in the process". At the very least, get rid of 
plasma. If KDE4 were the only desktop environment available in Linux, I would 
be switching to Microsoft Windows today - yes, KDE4 is _that_ bad. Luckily, 
there are other desktops.. so today, instead of wasting my time fixing the 
problems in Intrepid, I'm going to switch over to Ubuntu.

I'm not going to waste my time filing bug reports because KDE4 isn't worth 
fixing. Sadly, I will no longer be able to offer Kubuntu as an option to the 
folks in my classes.

Kubuntu has been awesome and intrepid could be awesome too but you're letting 
the kde project kill what once was one of the two the best distro's on the 
planet - today I'll be switching over to the other one.

If it were the mission of the KDE project to force their users over to other 
DE's and WM's by turning their once beautiful and stable desktop environment 
into total garbage, then I applaud the KDE devs for accomplishing their 

Ian MacGregor

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