Why do people dislike Dolphin?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 12:31:27 GMT 2008

2008/11/4 Steve Lamb <grey at dmiyu.org>:
> 1: URL lets me know quickly where I am as well as allow me to quickly access
> other areas not only of my local file system but remote file systems through
> SMB://, FISH://, FTP:// (etc, etc, etc) links.

Configurable in current Dolphin. Furthermore, the URL bar can be made
active: it shows 'friendly' names until it is clicked on. Furthermore,
the breadcrumbs are active and you can cc into a sister folder of any
one of the parents with a dropdown menu. In any case you can configure
the URL bar to be just like Konqi.

> 2: The Back/Foward buttons aren't entirely needed but the up is because moving
> *up* the directory structure is as important as moving down.  Moving down is
> simple, click on the folders in the main display.

Adding Up is easy. I also agree that it should be default, I will file a bug.

> 3: With the small screen footprint I can put two of these on the screen
> side-by-side I can quickly copy/move files between two directories with
> minimal fuss.

The side panels can be closed in Dolphin. I don't like the Information
one either, but watch mousemaids use a computer and you will see how
useful that sidebar is to them.

>    Now, on the right I present Dolphin in all it's fail.  Note that the
> actual display in the middle is a tad larger than the Konqueror window.  I
> didn't think to resize them to match until after taking and uploading the
> screenshot.  But notice the large wasted space to the left and right.  The
> "places" panel is pretty much useless.  Case in point, my Virtual Machine *has
> no floppy!*

I will confirm that Dolphin show inaccessible drives and file a bug.

> On the right side we have a big honkin' icon which is just a
> replication of the tiny icon in the details view itself.  It also helpfully
> tells me information which is already in the detail view.  So that, too is
> useless.  Why those are turned on by default is beyond me.  They do nothing
> but waste space!
>    The next step of fail is... no URL bar.  Great, I'm in HOME.  Yay.  The
> path is?  Oh, no idea.  I can enter a new path where?  Oh, I have to pull up a
> real location bar to do that.  Compared to Konqueror's view, useless.

Yet the nontechnical users who do not understand the filesystem
hierarchy love this. Really, I've had at least two users comment how
great it is without even asking. I was dumbfounded both times.

>    Finally the biggest fail of them all.  The one that shows how flat out
> dumb the developers are.  Go ahead, navigate from /home/grey to /home.  Oh,
> awwwww, *NO UP ARROW*!  I could configure it and add it in.  I could learn
> ALT-UP by looking at the "Go" menu.  I could hit CNTL-L to bring up the URL
> bar to type in /home.  I could click on "Root" in the oh-so-useless "places"
> panel and navigate back down to /home.  But who in their right mind hides the
> second most important navigation option for a filesystem *BY DEFAULT*?!
>    FAIL!

Calm down. The developers are human and I will file a bug on it. Don't
insult them, that is considered bad etiquitte and won't do any good.
This is not real life.

>    By default Dolphin is larger, less informative, less useful and harder to
> use.  It can be wrestled into some semblance of usability but to do so would
> mean arm-wresling it to look like... Konqueror!  So why go through all the
> trouble when we can just use the sensible and highly usable software in the
> first place.

With the exception of the Up menu Dolphin is much easier for
mousemaids. Power users like us will configure it anyway.

>    And that is why Dolphin is hated.  Loathed.  Shunned.  And rightly so.  It
> is, in a phrase, a case study on how not to make a file manager.

Thanks, Steve. If you find any other usability issues please follow up.

Dotan Cohen



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