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Personally, I find that klipper 0.9.7 (kubuntu 8.10) is more than enough for
my needs. Have you tried alternative actions, like using a notes organizer?
BasKet Note Pads

One thing you should know: usually there are no two programs that have the
same set of features. I don't think there is any program that maps 1:1 the
features of another. Reasons? They are developed by different people,
different personalities, some may find it difficult to develop a feature
another finds easy.

So, the best idea I can suggest you is to contact the current developers,
see what they have to say about the features that you miss. Some other idea:
have you tried to run ClipMate under Wine in the meantime?

Oh, and try to search alternative clipboard managers
For example I have found that Parcellite has a feature of editing clipboard

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 9:33 PM, John Desmond <jdesmond at> wrote:

> Salutations, gentlefolk
> Back in 45/148 I asked a 'dumb gnubie hard disk installation question'
> and added a request for clipboard manager info, which Donn answered:
> <<
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> On Wednesday, 22 October 2008 21:33:16 jdesmond at wrote:
>  > > Second, is there any Linux clupboard manager equivalent to ClipMate
> ( for details thereon) ? ?Used to that productivity tool,
> miss it now.
> I don't know about ClipMate, but KDE comes with (or it can be installed
> quickly) 'klipper' which is pretty damn productive!
> Also remember that in most desktop managers simply *selecting* text
> copies it
> to a kind of voodoo clipboard in the sky and you can paste that by
> middle-click (usually clicking the mouse wheel does this). So you get
> ctrl-C/V and Select/Middle-click which gives you two clipboards right
> off the
> bat.
> \d
>  >>
> OK, Klipper came installed with my system.  Now, here's what you can do,
> additionally, with ClipMate:
> Set up a couple of dozen 'clipboards', each of effectively infinite
> capacity, and move items between them - ie, spend a few hours websurfing
> and copy everything interesting into 'stuff', then sort it into the
> 'addresses' clipboard, the 'URLs' clipboard, the 'projects08-16'
> clipboard...
> You can 'View' the entire contents of a clipboard item, and do basic
> editing of it.
> ClipMate doesn't discard the CRLFs, keeps outlines, etc, as you laidout
> them
> You can hit a button, and paste the items in a clipboard, one after
> another, in order.
> Items in a clipboard stay where they are - if an important notes is
> 'five-from-the-bottom' in the 'Project-14' clipboard, they'll be there
> no matter how many times they're 'pasted'
> A clipboard window stays open, once it's opened - no need to mousedown
> to bottom of screen and reclick after every paste.
> Only items 'copied' go to the clipboard - doesn't get clutteredup with
> random deleted bits
> As I said, more at  I hope someone will produce a Linux
> equivalent soon.
> Anyway, for now, is there any way to change the font size and background
> color in Klipper?
> Yours, John Desmond
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