Adding sudo permissions to additional user

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Mon May 26 06:28:15 BST 2008

--- Cary Bielenberg <cary at> wrote:
  I guess child is a bit of a loose term, she is 17 & would like
toadd stuff like periodical tables etc. It is her computer so I
don'tmind, as long as I don't have to rebuild it every couple of
weeks! Themain thing I don't want to do is make Linux annoying where
she cantinstall anything, after having Windows where it is hard to
lock down Idon't want her thinking Linux is too restrictive.

   If she is that old, and you think she is responsible enough, why
not wait until this summer?  Then save her home directory and teach
her how to reinstall and work with her machine.  I don't understand
how she will can learn to use Linux without using Linux.  Let her
make some mistakes and show her what is going on.  I'm sure she will
   The first time she wipes out something important, she will learn a
valuable lesson.  Unless she remains home the rest of her life, she
will need to learn sometime.
   I'm also sure she will gain a lot of confidence being able to
maintain her system.
   It's not like this is a fortune 500 company she is IT for.  If she
wipes it out, so what?  If that is the worst mistake she makes in her
life, it's not a big deal.  Cut the paranoia.


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