Problems installing any version, up to 8.04

Joel Oliver joelol75 at
Fri May 23 03:23:52 BST 2008

> What I've done is I tried installing 6.10, which worked.  I'm currently in the 
> process of upgrading to 7.04, from which I'll upgrade to 7.10 and then 8.04, 
> or, if I can, straight to 8.04.
> I just found out a friend of mine also had the same problem.   I don't know if 
> he's using scsi or not.  I'll find out.
> Mark

It probably worked with the older versions that still mapped ata drives 
to hdx not sdx like now...

I have a rocketraid card that maps four sata drives to hde,hdg,hdi,hdk 
in dapper.  In later versions I have problems with it.

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