OT: Kmail, POP3, list, thread and Gmail

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at sunrise.ch
Sun May 18 09:52:34 BST 2008

Hi Lisi and Lanzen,

I will try to reply to all your last mails here.

>  Let's see. You have one address and that is spwhite at sunrise.ch. From 
this  you get a pop_example.sunrise,ch and smtp_example.sunrise,ch.
> Is this correct?
Not quite,
 from spwhite at sunrise.ch I got pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com
>Do you mean sunrise=GMail?
Yes and no. 
When I do the "Login Sunrise Mail" I reach a page
It just looks like Gmail but says Sunrise on the top.
From your next mail you figured some of that out.

Later you replied to Lisi
> As you can see in my previous message he _is_ already using GMail. I missed 
> that too! :-D
Well, more or less.

> You shouldn't need a password for SMTP through your ISP, since you should 
> already be connected as you, and the port is likely to be 25, which KMail 
> offers as default.  And for the security settings you can either leave the 
> default or ask KMail to check what the server supports.  (This option is 
> offered.)
It appears the server requires authentication.
> The details (because you will need the mailserver address) should be on your 
> ISP's website.
I had those for smtp.gmail.com but not for smtp.sunrise.ch
( found this smtp under "Free SMTP Server List" while googling)
> You should also have been given all the details when you first subscribed to 
> your ISP.
When was that already?    ;-)

> Have you given up on using GMail?
No, I just subscribed to a (real) GMail account (peregrine.white at gmail.com)
and set the filter on my sunrise box to forward there the mails from  
spwhite at freesurf.ch  to  kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com.
*I will try in a few minutes to see if it works*

> But I still cannot understand why he cannot use that on KMail if he so
> wishes.  And he does talk about getting email addresses from his ISP?? 
Perhaps you already figured it out from Lanzen reply
> > Yes, that's a workaround, but you won't know if the message has _really_
 > > made it in reaching the list unless somebody answers or unless you check,  
> >just to say one way to do it, in 
 > >https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2008-May/thread.html  
Indeed I just needed another email address as a workaround, my first idea was 
to do it from my ISP but I was simpler to take it from Gmail.

I Kmail I configured the second pop account from Gmail, hope I've got it 
right, and send...

Thanks again		Perry

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