Programing Fortran90 with g95 and VIM

Hector Barrios Molano hebm12 at
Wed May 14 04:23:55 BST 2008

Thanks Luis, it was very helpful, I wrote a makefile for g95 compiler.
Thanks again
One more question, do you know if it's possible after compile the program,
to run it inside VIM, without leave VIM? or there's nothing more that leave
VIM and type ./program's_name on console.


Hector Emilio Barrios Barrios

2008/5/2 Luís Silva <lacsilva at>:

> This is not a Makefile for VIM. Are you familiarised with
> the make program? If so you just need to create a regular
> Makefile. The manual with a good tutorial is here:
> Play around a bit with it before you go on. As I told you,
> to run the makefile you just need to type :make from inside
> VIM or make on the command-line. Also, from inside vim
> type :help make to see what your possibilities are.
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