upgrade to hardy killed VirtualBox network access

Edmund Ĺaugasson ed.lau at mail.ee
Mon May 12 22:14:24 BST 2008

> A few days ago NoOp mentioned on this list that there is a bug in 1.6.0 
> which prevents correct network operation. It will be fixed in version 
> 1.6.2, so I think you should better go back to version 1.5.6 until the 
> release of 1.6.2.

Thanks for information. I thought, that perhaps this "first bird" from Sun would not the right 
decision but I tried and convinced myself.

If to follow approx. two month release cycle, then next version might be in the beginning of July 
2008? Certainly, I don't know how it goes under Sun - perhaps they will release fixed version 
earlier due to this quite serious bug - network access is quite important.

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