FW: Installing Inside Windows

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Mon May 12 11:34:22 BST 2008

andlinux works fine too and install like a normal win apps
at andlinux.org
i use it with vista everyday

alan c a écrit :
> Andrew Jarrett wrote:
>> On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 6:12 PM, Alex Osgood <tynamic77 at comcast.net> wrote:
>>> Hello I just have a simple question to ask… if im going to install kubuntu
>>> inside windows is it safe? Like will I loose all of my data or anything like
>>> that?  Or will it just be like a installed program that doesn't affect
>>> anything around it.
>>> Alex
>> If you are talking about using the "Wubi" installation program, then
>> it will just take some free space on your hard drive and create a
>> virtual partition (and won't affect your data whatsoever).  Its pretty
>> much no risk -- just about as much risk as using a live CD (and I
>> don't know how that could ever mess up anyone's system).  If you want
>> to uninstall it, you just remove it through the Add/Remove Programs in
>> the Windows Control Panel.
> (I have used ubuntu, I have not yet tried the kubuntu CD)
> As far as Windows is concerned it creates a normal install into a new 
> folder called Ubuntu.
> The folder is big enough for Ubuntu - (minimum 4GB I think) and the 
> user decides how big, initially. You may know that a virtual 
> 'partition' is being used but from the Windows point of view there is 
> no partitioning and no change to the partition tables with the risk 
> that that would offer.
> Wubi also uses the Windows boot manager. This means that when un 
> installed, there is just normal Windows life, there is no complication 
> with having to repair the MBR.
> So the Wubi install is data safe for Windows stuff, as safe as your 
> Windows stuff is, anyway.
> The un install is done through the normal Windows Add or Remove 
> Programs, and is fast and clean. You are asked if the iso file should 
> be backed up, the default is 'yes'
> My first reading of the OP was to think of the data safety of the 
> ubuntu data following the Wubi install (!) If Windows is subsequently 
> used then of course the Ubuntu folder is as vulnerable to malware as 
> much as any other Windows item. My preference would be to regard the 
> Wubi install as something more short term than the traditional 
> installation.
> When running Ubuntu the Windows files can be seen under the /host or 
> /media directories.
> I have been very impressed with Wubi and it is incredibly useful for 
> people getting started, and demonstrations.

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