Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Mon May 12 08:39:21 BST 2008

>>  Very sad; if only he had engineered his family life the way he had
>>  engineered his software he may not have ended up in this situation (of
>>  course there are times when bad situations arise no matter how much
>>  you try to engineer them away).

I bought 500GB SATA II hard disk Hitachi approx. one year ago. Then I formatted it as ReiserFS (3.6 
was the version) using Kubuntu 7.04. Then I needed to copy ~275GB to that disk. I used this disk 
over USB adapter box (Chieftec). Then after copying ~200GB the filesystem corrupted and copying 
failed. Then I formatted it as ext3 and no problems.

I had one 80GB external hard disk with reiserfs and it worked for me. But after that 500GB HDD case 
I formatted also that disk as ext3. Data was too valuable for me to play with experimental 
filesystems. I'm not devel software tester - I need 100% sure solutions.

Since year 2000 I used several Linux distros - Slackware, RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, Mandriva, SuSE, 
OpenSUSE, etc. (I have ~70 CD-s, which I have been written during ~5 years, later I used rewriteable 
disks) and I always used ReiserFS as filesystem and had never any problem. Perhaps I was just lucky 
- who knows. So - ~5 years successful reiserfs usage :)

But when I started using Ubuntu ~3 years ago, then I started using ext3 as Ubuntu default filesystem 
and also no problems. At my classroom with Edubuntu there is no UPS - so power loss sometimes 
happens and no problems currently. I used Edubuntu 5.10 for ~2 years and it worked like a charm. 
Several power losses happened during this time and no problem occured - it fixed himself all the time.

In my server at work I use CentOS and ext3 filesystem.

I mentioned at reiserfs approx. 1/3 better perfomance as ext3 filesystem, especially at seek time. I 
also mentioned, that power loss will damage reiserfs more than ext3 - this was the reason, why I 
choosed ext3 to my server. I have ~400 users at my server (smb, www, mysql, ftp, ssh) and perfomance 
is currently satisfied for my users. I have old U320 SCSI 10000rpm hard disks with ~4,5ms seek time 
and Intel SRCU42L RAID controller with 64MB RAM and it seems like with ext3 they are working well.

Best Regards,

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