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alan c aeclist at
Mon May 5 11:28:26 BST 2008

Martin Laberge wrote:
> On Sunday 04 May 2008 12:48:17 pm Jorge Pérez wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Actually I have Kubuntu 7.10 running for some time (I just did an upgrade
>> from previus versions) and all works fine. I have 2 IDE hard disks:
>> /dev/sda partitions -> documents
>> /dev/sdb partitions -> / , /home, Win XP, Swap
>> Some time ago, my motherboard broke :( well, I just replace the motherboard
>> and didn't have to install Kubuntu (so great).
>> But now, I want to perform a fresh Kubuntu 8.04 install, but when I am in
>> the manual partition step, I only have the posibility of change the SDA disk
>> partitions and can only create a new partition table on the SDB (the
>> installer can't see the partitions in SDB), but I don't want to delete my
>> /home or my XP partiton.
>> any idea? how can I fix the partition in order to be recognized by the
>> Kubuntu partition manager?
>> thank you.
> I recommend to swap your drives, so that your boot drive is sda
> and your documents are on sdb
> this way is more 'natural' and normally expected by most systems.
> (just change the jumpers on both drives, and maybe swap cables)

That sounds like sensible advice to me.

Assuming I am correct to think you want to replace the 7.10 with 8.04, 
keeping the data  in home and keeping XP:

If you manually set the existing /home into a new install, then I 
think you will be keeping some parts of 7.10 configuration, which are 
in hidden files in /home/user. This might not be quite what you want, 
or you could have upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04, but that would not be a 
fresh install. You can use the old home as a data partition, with a 
new /home in 8.04 perhaps.

Also, consider use of a separate small live CD such as Partition Magic 
or Parted live Cd, to manage or change partitions before you  install 
8.04. I find it is sometimes faster and less confusing, and then use a 
manual install.

I often have more than one version (7.04, 7.10 say) installed, each 
with its own home.  I also keep a Data partition which can be used by 
any of the installs.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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