Completing Forms In .pdf Format

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at
Sun May 4 13:48:55 BST 2008

Graham Todd wrote:
> I have a friend who cannot use his hand to write on paper (although
> he's OK to use a keyboard).  He often gets forms in .pdf (Acrobat)
> format to complete, but the only method he can find is to print off the
> form and get somebody to complete it for him.
> When these concern his private data (eg completing applications for
> Disability Living Allowance) he is - understandably - reluctant to rely
> on this method.  The UK government say this is often the way forms are
> presented other than by them sending him a printed form - which results
> in the same problem.
> What he really needs is software that will WRITE to .pdf documents, but
> when he tries to install acroread to see if that will do, he gets:
> "The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   acroread: Depends: libldap2 which is a virtual package"
> and so he can't install acroread.....
> Does anyone know if there is any software "out there" which will write
> to .pdf documents that he can install?

I remember being able to install the linux version from Adobe and 
managing to copy the binaries around, including to another machine, 
where I could run that by navigating to the binary location and 
launching from there. It was version 7, though, so I'm not sure it works 
with the latest Adobe and/or the latest Kubuntu. Worth a shot, though.


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