konversation keeps getting owned

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 23:56:53 UTC 2008

Richard A. Johnson said the following at 03/29/2008 03:04 PM :

> | different client, so I don't actually have first-hand knowledge of IRC
> | since sometime in the mid 80s.
> Hate to burst your bubble, but in the mid 80s, you were more than likely using 
> MUT on BBS (does this show my age?) :)

Might have been the late 80s; I get a bit confused at stuff that happened
so long ago. I know that the machine on which I first used it was
decommissioned before, or possibly during, 1990. We didn't use IRC for
BBSes; it was when I was doing experimental work on TCP/IP before it was
obvious that that was going to be the protocol of the future, and we tested
a bunch or higher-level protocols, some of which are still around and many
of which have died. (More or less the same time as C++ came along and it
before it was obvious that that was going to be a major language.)

> /me goes back to McDonalds for his senior citizen coffee

While I read my copy of AARP magazine.


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