konversation keeps getting owned

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sat Mar 29 21:35:35 UTC 2008

Richard A. Johnson wrote:

> On Saturday 29 March 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
> [...]
> | > Plus only one post in every 142,000 isn't spam.
> Seeing as I maintain quite a few mailing lists for Ubuntu, I would have to
> disagree with this statement. I would say 2 in 142,000, or 1 in every
> 71,000 isn't spam :p

Well, we were talking about Usenet, and while that might be true of the
posts actually submitted to nntp, if you go through a good service like
Individual.net, they manage to catch the vast majority of it.

> | Not even close.  You just have to use a reliable news service.  However,
> | I wasn't really thinking of Usenet, but either dedicated NNTP servers
> | (as some vendors use) or gated news like gmane - which is strictly mail
> | lists, but slower :-).
> People still use usenet? I mean of course except for that pr0n stuff.

Individual.net doesn't even carry the pr0n stuff - which no doubt accounts
for its general reliability - and is _very_ busy.  There's lots of Usenet
around still.

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