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Having got gutsy installed on my new laptop, I found that it wasn't seeing
the wireless.

After a lot of googling and trying things, I discovered that the wifi
device is a Realtek RTL8187B, which is not a supported device in the gutsy

So I:

1. downloaded the WinXP driver for the device from (it's the file RTL8187B_driver_only.zip

2. Unzipping that file produces a bunch of directories, the WinXP one of
which contains the net8187b.inf file.

3. I installed that with the command:
  ndiswrapper -i net8187b.inf

4. That created the expected /etc/ndiswrapper/net8187b directory;
everything seemed to go fine.

5. I checked the devid of the chip with "lsusb", and the response was that
the devid was 0bda:8197.

6. I executed:
  ndiswrapper -a 0bda:8197 net8187b.
what does ndiswrapper -l report?
if it says driver: <blah blah> hardware present or something very similar, you should be good to go.
now you need  to do:
sudo depmod -a
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper (at this point your light for your wireless should come on If you haven't already got to this point)

8. So now what? How do I actually access and/or configure the wifi network?

you should be able to go into the control pannel and configure your wireless card and connection.

In fact, how do I even find out that everything really has installed correctly?
to find out use the command ndiswrapper -l (like I mentioned above you should get driver:net8187b hardware present.)
PS: To get a list of commands for ndiswrapper just type ndiswrapper 

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