Web Hosting

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Mar 27 17:05:19 UTC 2008

Neil Winchurst wrote:

> I already have set up one web site, mainly as a learning medium.
> Although I have used computers for years (and years and years) I did
> not have any experience of running a web site.
> Now that I have a better idea I am considering setting up another one
> where I can really get to grips with it all. I must keep the original
> one since friends and family know the URL and are now used to it.
> Mustn't confuse them.
> So, any suggestions anyone? Preferably one in the area. I know that
> that is not vital, just like to keep things local where I can. And one
> that will not be scared off by the word Linux.

Er...  If you want one "in the area", shouldn't you tell us what area that

As for "must keep the original", unless it's got somebody else's domain
name, you should still be able to move it to another site.

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