e-sata question

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 24 08:30:23 UTC 2008

On Monday 24 March 2008 1:50:04 Donn wrote:
> On Sunday, 23 March 2008 20:02:57 Constantinos Maltezos wrote:
> > Also, e-sata support is based on the card or chipset.  To see if yours is
> > supported, check out this page:
> >
> > http://linux-ata.org/driver-status.html
> My m/b manual is in a box in the garage (we moved home recently) and I
> cannot get to it. Is there a way I can find the 'chipset' from the cli, or
> do I have to go into BIOS and look around?

I can't think of anything for the cli off the top of my head (I've been 
getting lazy with my technology over the years), but you may find something 
by clicking on the K menu, then going to System and finding "Device Manager - 
Hardware Viewing".  Look in the information that gives you.

Another way occurs to me if you did not build the system yourself.  If that's 
the case, you can look up the specs for your machine at the manufacturer's 
website.  If you *did* build it yourself, then you may be able to find out 
just by opening it up and looking at the chips on the board.  Unless you know 
the brand and model (or can guess the model from a list) of the motherboard, 
in which you can go with the first suggestion.

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