64bit Linux

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at michaelzoet.de
Sun Mar 16 18:56:52 UTC 2008

> 1 Am I right in assuming that 64bit Linux has improved since I tried it?
Ubuntu Gutsy improved a lot for 64 bit. Acrobat, Flashplugin, Skype
and so on are now availaible as packages for 64 bit. Installation is
realy easy now.
> 2 If the answer to that is yes, are there good reasons to move to 64bit?
I think you have to decide for yourself
> 3 Are there still some problems with it?
The only problems I have are with the games X2 and Neverwinter Nights.
But these 2 apps are not so important and until now I had no time to
search for a solution to get them running. May be there is one.
> 4 Do many people on the list use it or are most still on 32bit?
I take care of several smal bussiness networks with Ubuntu Gutsy and
on new systems I install only Ubuntu 64 bit. Since Gutsy no one
complaines about missing the flash player :-). My customers are mostly
normal  office users and are happy :-).

> 5 Does anyone have suggestions, advice, help for me about this?
I think you have to try for yourself! For me 64 bit Ubuntu works fine
and the problems I have, are not 64 bit related.

Hope this helps.


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