64bit Linux

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Sun Mar 16 14:18:16 UTC 2008

the only possible installation on my aspire intel dual core is a 64 bits
with xpress video and japanese network card
and only gutsy did provide this drivers now i think more do it...

Scott a e'crit :
> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> 2 If the answer to that is yes, are there good reasons to move to 64bit?
> I have always read that the only reason to use a 64-bit OS is if you 
> want more than 3GB of RAM.  Other than that I have herd no real good 
> reason to use a 64-bit OS.
>> 4 Do many people on the list use it or are most still on 32bit?
> Both my laptop and desktop have 64-bit chips and on both I use a 
> standard 32-bit system.  I am very happy with 1GB of RAM in both and 
> don't need anymore than 3GB.  64-bit chips are still optimized to be 
> used in a 32-bit system and work just as good, if not better, than a 
> 32-bit chip.

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