KMail installation problems

lanzen lanzenesi at
Wed Mar 12 18:00:55 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 12 March 2008 15:10:11 O. Sinclair wrote:

> You might want to try ALT+F2 and then type Kmail in the window
> that comes up. Just for the sake of it... but unless you are really
> uncomfy running Kontact just set it to always open in the Mail component
> (Settings, Kontact) and then use only that part.

But that's real strange. I have a kmail entry in my menu. I seem to remember 
adding it long time ago, it's still there and clicking on it launches kmail 
standalone. Same thing happens if I launch kmail in alt+F2 or katapult.

But if I launch kmail in konsole, well the output is similar to what Jamie 

Still kmail works fine...


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