Help for usb disk and usb pendrive

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Mar 12 13:32:54 UTC 2008

Valter Mura wrote:

> Il martedì 11 marzo 2008 21:31:44 Nils Kassube ha scritto:
>> Valter Mura wrote:
>> >
>> > I CANNOT use the choice one.
>> Why not? Don't you have Windows any more? Then you should better use ext3
>> instead of NTFS. Using NTFS is only useful if you want to use that disk
>> with Windows as well.
> Because Windows doesn't allow me to remove safely the the usb drive, I
> don't know why

If you can _mount_ the drive in Windows, do a complete shutdown/restart,
_then_ you should be able to "safely remove" it.

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