Derek Broughton news at
Wed Mar 12 13:20:36 UTC 2008

Jared Greenwald wrote:

> Wow, after reading that bug, I'm more pissed off than ever.
> If there is one thing that gets under my skin more than anything its
> forcing people to install software they just don't need and never
> will.  I don't speak or write any other languages other than US
> English, so why should I be forced to install software that assists in
> writing complex languages. 

Er, while I agree in the general case, haven't you just installed a BETA (or
earlier) distro to get this?

> The fact that kubuntu-desktop and 
> kubuntu-kde4-desktop both depend on the skim package and the other
> *-desktop packages depend on scim is a bug in and of itself.

No, it isn't.  Nobody _needs_ *-desktop.  I routinely remove it, and all the
stuff I don't want.
> Why aren't the deps in the language paks so that only people that use
> those languages become forced to install them?  

It's pre-release software - so file a bug.  It may get dismissed, but it's
going to stay in hardy unless people complain.

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