medibuntu for Hardy ?

honorshark honorshark at
Sun Mar 2 08:03:04 UTC 2008

Nigel Ridley wrote:
> I recently installed Hardy Alpha 5 on my new Dell 1525 laptop and can't find anything 
> about Hardy on the medibuntu website.
> Where does one get stuff like w32codecs etc.?
> Blessings,
> Nigel

You should give a try for CVS versions. Discover what applications can 
be founded in the .debs then go to each website, download the 
dependency, source, then compile them. (Maybe make .deb packages). 
Medibuntu is VERY old. By the way its just "working", but every package 
have a lot of bug (Amarok, and some package are new, but the libraries 
are old). I know, I know..its not that easy. But its better than 
downloading very old packages.

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