Problem with kde 3.5.9

honorshark honorshark at
Sat Mar 1 23:08:21 UTC 2008

lanzen wrote:
> On Saturday 01 March 2008 20:27:24 honorshark wrote:
>> It will say something is messed up and type the following "XY" command to 
>> fix it 
> Got it! While upgrading the kubuntu 32 bit I got an error that stopped the 
> upgrade. I did a dpkg --configure -a as adviced and all ended up fine. The 
> problem was about some supposedly modified files and  I was asked if I would 
> like to keep it or accept the new one. I choose the second option.
> Could it be a 32 bit related problem as it didn't happen when I upgraded the 
> other kubuntu 64?
> anyway... all's well that ends well. ;)
It happened to me everytime I updated amd64 Kubuntu 7.10s I 
don't think that's a 32bit related problem. By the way if somebody wants 
to upgrade, then he/she can figure it out (or ask somebody). :) 
Workarounds forevermore! :)

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