movie dvds not being recognized

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Mar 1 20:54:15 UTC 2008

Constantinos Maltezos wrote:

> On Saturday 01 March 2008 9:09:05 Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Jared Greenwald wrote:
>> > Do you have libdvdcss2 installed?
>> and regionset - it turns out most DVDs don't have a region set at the
>> factory.

> I did not have that installed.  I'm assuming that since I have installed
> it, I
> should run it as root, correct?  (I got an error when I tried to do it
> otherwise.)  And then I should try every possible region (1-8) until I get
> it, I suppose.  

No!!!!!  There's a limited number of times you can run regionset (and I
don't remember if it needs to be run as root - likely, but it's something I
did once and never again...)

> But if my drive's region isn't set, why can I get some 
> dvds
> to work?  And those that I can get to work, why do they usually also get
> read as black cd-r's?

Some _software_ apparently doesn't care what the region is, but why they'd
be cd-rs, I have no idea.


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