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Willy K. Hamra w.hamra1987 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 15:48:50 UTC 2008

Nigel Ridley wrote:
> My daughter wants to buy a digital camera (one that will work nicely with Kubuntu) but there are 
> sooooooooo many to choose from it's almost impossible!
> She wants one of those slim ones - like the Casio but I'm trying to help her make an educated choice.
> 1. How important is it whether the battery is an internal one or if one can stick in your regular 
> Duracels (or rechargables). I realize that the price will go with the added expense of purchasing 
> batteries, but then those internal ones need an electric power source when they need to be 
> recharged (and probably just when your stuck in the middle of nowhere!).
> 2. Also, are last year's models still up to par (they're much cheaper)?
> TIA from a confused_wanting_to_help_father.
> Nigel
I'm no expert in the latest of cameras, but for the power source, i see
your point in the fact that being stuck in nowhere means that internal
battery is useless. but how frequently does this happens? if your
daughter go camping or something else, she might need a camera with
external batteries, otherwise, I find internal rechargeable batteries
much more convenient, which is my choice for electronic devices. even
better, some devices require external batteries and can be plugged to
recharge them, so you can get a rechargeable battery stick, and have the
benefit of both types, I don't know if there is cameras that use this
mode, but I've seen mp3 players and CD players that work this way.

Willy K. Hamra
Manager of Hamra Information Systems
Co. Manager of Zeina Computer & Billy Net
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