The Speed Factor -- Kubuntu vs. Gentoo

Tortise tortise at
Tue Jun 17 08:14:41 UTC 2008

Quote: And possibly default Gentoo setups _are_ much faster - but unless the OP is
prepared to test Kubuntu versus Gentoo on the same machine, it's pointless
to ask how to make his system as responsive as his friend's.

Given he is a friend, why not take along another HDD similar to one of his (I hope its not RAID, which might be relevant all in 
itself!) swap them over and test (K)ubuntu on the same hardware?

Why not work out some performance comparison script, such as turning on, doing something, and shutting down.  Even just open and 
close a webpage in FF.

Many of us would of course be interested.

Kind regards
The Tortise!

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