8.04 in Windows

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Fri Jun 13 18:12:58 UTC 2008

Billie wrote:
> the air duct that goes to the CPU fan. They couldn't just send 
> me the duct, I had to send it in for "repair". They were all testy
> and they 
> wiped the hard drive and re-installed back to factory original because 
> it was dual booted with Kubuntu.
>  All they needed to do was pop the cover, 
> install the duct, and ship it back but NO they had to play around with it.

In my sense it was wery disgraseful.

On Friday 13 June 2008 18:12, Michael Leone wrote:
> It wasn't Kubuntu, specifically; they would have done the same if you
> had 2 versions of Windows installed (which you can do, BTW). Standard
> procedure is to reformat back to factory state; this way, they know
> that any continuing problems are not caused by any other OS that they
> did not personally install.

I can understand that the warranty team doesn't have to put up with the new 
software implementations of all custommers and that  the only economic way to 
test *completely* the machine is with it having the standard setup. 
OTOH it is absolutely unforgivable that they can take the liberty to "reformat 
back to factory state" without further notice. (?) 
This is expecially the case when, as in Billie's case, there was no obvious 
reason complete hardware or software tests had to be run. Furthermore they 
could probably have used a live CD for the tests or used the remaining M$ 
The difference between a standardised sloppy service an a good one may be just 
a phone call away, this is called involvement. Ask for more from your 


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