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Sun Jan 27 22:10:19 GMT 2008

On Sunday 27 Jan 2008, D. R. Evans wrote:
> I don't want to send it to MY phone. I have all these mobile phone numbers
> in my contacts in Kontact, so I want to click on "SMS" and have Kontact to
> what it seems to be intended to do when you click there: send an SMS to
> that person.
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding the whole point of that little "(SMS)" that
> appears next to the mobile number. But if so, I can't imagine what else it
> might be intended for.
> If/when they get around to documenting the feature, I suspect that it'll
> all become blindingly obvious how to make it work.
>   Doc

I would simply join up with an email to SMS service, add email addresses to 
the service in kaddressbook for each person you want to contact in this 
manner, and also set up a "special transport" to be used with an identity for 
sending to SMS, which knows the user ID and password to use the service.


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