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Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at
Wed Jan 23 19:04:51 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 23 January 2008 15:57, Donn wrote:
> You are in a dir in a console. You have a few consoles (or tabs) open around 
> the place.  You want to move some files to another dir. You want *.jpg but
> not "blob.jpg". You also want a few pdfs, but not all of them.
This may not help you but is an introduction to my own question.
I tried something like :
ls | grep .jpg | grep -v blob 
That seemed to work 
(I tried "ls | grep .png | grep -v snap | grep -v ban" to remove all 
snapshot?.png and banner?.png from one of my dirs)

The problem is I didn't find a method to interface that with mw or cp.
Any tips?

I'm aware this thread is not really KUbuntu specific but I would be very 
reluctant to have to adopt the "one question_one list" approach.

Greetings		Perry
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