Further ? OOO

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 04:06:31 GMT 2008

> 1. I delete / remove OOO
> How?
Given that OOO comes as a package on *buntu I'd *hope* one could remove it via 
the manager (Adept or Synaptic) - but it may be too tightly bound to a bunch 
of other packages to actually give you a pain-free time of it.

> 2. Reinstall
> How?
If the packaged version is the problem then re-using it won't really help. It 
sounds like one of those times that going to the latest version is needed. I 
would fetch the app from OOO's website and figure out how to install it - and 
then install it to some totally different directory, maybe /opt which is 
where stuff like that goes.

> 3. run with defaults unchanged and if spell works
> 4. Personalise the options 1by 1 until it stops working
Yes sounds good. You will burn a lot of time though. Perhaps a web-search of 
bugs already reported will yield better results.
After that, I'd try to use the OOO version, as-installed by *buntu, and 
document the steps to demonstrate the bug. Include your O/S version and OOO 
version numbers and then report that as a bug. No need to get all forensic, 
simply show others how to fall over the same problem.

> I suspect command line is the way to go.
The cli is always the way to go :D But you don't need to add suffering to woe 
right now - it's a thing worth learning, but KISS for the moment.


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