Wifi Ralink RT2500

Sebastian Schack lists at schacknetz.de
Thu Feb 28 22:36:28 UTC 2008

David Fletcher schrieb:
> but they're 
> encrypted and I've got no idea who they belong to, so I can't do anything 
> more. But it detected the WiFi without doing anything other than plugging in 
> the dongle.

Sounds good - but doesn't need to mean a thing. :)
I could use my RaLink chipset with Gutsy Gibbon equally good: find 
networks. But as soon as they were encrypted the WiFi fun was over (even 
WEP wouldn't work).
However, as said before, with Hardy Heron there is reason to be confident.

And even though still being an Alpha version, Hardy Heron is pretty 
stable. There are a few annoying bugs, yes - but there are way more new 
cool things than there are buggy ones. :)


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