Missing kcontrol menus (was: No "GTK Styles and Fonts" in Kcontrol)

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 20:04:39 UTC 2008

These are the 'kde' and 'kubuntu' related packages on my system (I think it's 
all of them):
$ apt-is-installed kde
gdebi-kde                                       install
hwdb-client-kde                                 install
kde-guidance                                    install
kde-guidance-powermanager                       install
kde-icons-mono                                  install
kde-style-polyester                             install
kde-systemsettings                              install
kdeadmin-kfile-plugins                          install
kdebase-bin                                     install
kdebase-data                                    install
kdebase-kio-plugins                             install
kdebluetooth                                    install
kdegraphics-kfile-plugins                       install
kdelibs-data                                    install
kdelibs4c2a                                     install
kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins                     install
kdemultimedia-kio-plugins                       install
kdenetwork-filesharing                          install
kdenetwork-kfile-plugins                        install
kdepasswd                                       install
kdepim-kio-plugins                              install
kdepim-kresources                               install
kdepim-wizards                                  install
kdeprint                                        install
kdesktop                                        install
kdesudo                                         install
language-pack-kde-af                            install
language-pack-kde-af-base                       install
language-pack-kde-en                            install
language-pack-kde-en-base                       install
libkdepim1a                                     install
network-manager-kde                             install
openoffice.org-kde                              install
pykdeextensions                                 install
python-kde3                                     install
restricted-manager-kde                          install
software-properties-kde                         install

$ apt-is-installed kub
kubuntu-artwork-usplash                         install
kubuntu-default-settings                        install
kubuntu-desktop                                 install
kubuntu-docs                                    install
kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts                     install

perhaps that will help you narrow things down. apt-is-installed is a script 
which does this:
dpkg --get-selections | grep "\binstall" | grep "$1"


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