Can't Connect To Bluetooth

Mark Fraser kubuntu at
Fri Feb 15 12:44:39 UTC 2008

On Friday 15 February 2008 05:45:41 Graham wrote:
> I am using a bluetooth dongle to connect to bluetooth services: the
> dongle is connected in to my usb hub.
> I know the hub works OK because I have run pen drives off it.
> When I connect my bluetoothh dongle to the hub a click on Kicker -
> Sysrem - Kbluetooth I get a greyed out bluetooth symbol in my panel.

I think that's normal, it's certainly grey here. If I click on it Konqueror 
opens up with a list of all devices it has found.

> Checking the /etc/init.d/bluetooth file shows everythings there,
> changing the dongle has not changed anything, and checking my mobile
> phone shows no devices to connect with.

If it still doesn't work, have you tried putting it in a USB socket on your 

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