Can't Connect To Bluetooth

Jim mickeyboa at
Fri Feb 15 15:04:13 UTC 2008

Graham wrote:
> I am using a bluetooth dongle to connect to bluetooth services: the
> dongle is connected in to my usb hub.
> I know the hub works OK because I have run pen drives off it.
> When I connect my bluetoothh dongle to the hub a click on Kicker -
> Sysrem - Kbluetooth I get a greyed out bluetooth symbol in my panel.
> Checking the /etc/init.d/bluetooth file shows everythings there,
> changing the dongle has not changed anything, and checking my mobile
> phone shows no devices to connect with.
> Help!
Run the command: /usr/sbin/hciconfig -a  and see if your computer see 
the Mac address of your bluetooth dongle.
If so , run the command:  hcitool scan to see if it can see the Mac 
address of any bluetooth devices you have on.

Fedora 8 runs best with bluetooth.
You must have the following 4 modules loaded, by running /sbin/lsmod

hci_usb   (This module will only load if you have the dongle connected)
If the 4 modules are not loading , blue tooth won't work.

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