Compiling on Kubuntu unstable.

John Culleton john at
Thu Feb 14 01:19:21 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 12 February 2008 11:54:41 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
> Wulfy wrote:
> > John Culleton wrote:
> >> I tried compiling Scribus svn 1.3.5 on Kubuntu but found that several
> >> needed cmpilation aids were missing. So I used apt-get install for gcc,
> >> cmake and
> >> make.  I linked c++ to cpp by hand. But I get a wierd error message that
> >> I don't get on slackware 12, something about -c is not a valid parameter
> >> for c++.
> otoh, you don't use cpp when you want c++.  On my system, c++ ultimately
> points to g++-4.1, and cpp points to cpp-4.1.
> >> I suspect I am missing something in the compile tools, (which IMO ought
> >> to be there automatically as they are in Slack. )
> Why?  On a binary-packaging system - like any of the Debian- or
> Redhat-based distros - very few people _need_ compilers, so they're left
> off the CDs so that Ubuntu can still manage to get the whole release onto
> one CD.
> >> Can anyone suggest what
> >> i need to download?
> >
> > Do you have the build-essential package installed?
> Clearly not.
> --
> derek

FYI: build-install plus cairo2-dev plus python-dev did the trick.  Remember, I 
am new around here and don't have the streetmap memorized yet. 

For lots of software the "download source and then compile" route is the best 
way to stay close to the current edition. Tarballs are pretty universal after 
all.  Now that I have gcc, make, cmake and build-install I can have the best 
of both worlds.  

John Culleton
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