Compiling on Kubuntu unstable.

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Feb 13 04:54:41 UTC 2008

Wulfy wrote:

> John Culleton wrote:
>> I tried compiling Scribus svn 1.3.5 on Kubuntu but found that several
>> needed cmpilation aids were missing. So I used apt-get install for gcc,
>> cmake and
>> make.  I linked c++ to cpp by hand. But I get a wierd error message that
>> I don't get on slackware 12, something about -c is not a valid parameter
>> for c++.

otoh, you don't use cpp when you want c++.  On my system, c++ ultimately
points to g++-4.1, and cpp points to cpp-4.1.
>> I suspect I am missing something in the compile tools, (which IMO ought
>> to be there automatically as they are in Slack. )

Why?  On a binary-packaging system - like any of the Debian- or Redhat-based
distros - very few people _need_ compilers, so they're left off the CDs so
that Ubuntu can still manage to get the whole release onto one CD.

>> Can anyone suggest what 
>> i need to download?
> Do you have the build-essential package installed?
Clearly not.

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