Printer problem

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at
Wed Feb 13 12:36:17 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 12 February 2008 7:50:56 Willis Taylor wrote:
> Since I wanted to give Kubuntu a fair test against Ubuntu and I have
> v.7.10 of both installed on my two main units and the printer wizard
> only shows the ip4000 and nowhere near the ip4300 should I give up,
> format the Kubuntu partition on my other machine and install Ubuntu on
> it?  The driver for the ip4300 was waiting on me to use it in Ubuntu
> 7.10.  It's beginning to look like Kubuntu is not ready for the general
> public, am I wrong?  I'm finding it very easy to get answers on the
> Ubuntu list but there seems to be almost no activity here.

Considering Ubuntu and Kubuntu would have the same printer packages, there's 
no point in switching.

That said, when I installed Kubuntu, I saw that for some reason, CUPS was not 
installed.  Check if that's the case for you.  If it is, I would install the 
following packages in Adept Manager:


That's what I have installed, anyway.  Try that and see if you can set up your 
printers.  Good luck.

By the way, you are using the printer setup in the systemsettings program, 

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