Remote desktop

David Fletcher kubuntu-users at
Thu Feb 7 14:03:20 UTC 2008

At 13:32 07/02/2008, you wrote:

>Are you sure it not say that you need a fixed address for your computers
>on the internal net? All routers i have used has always been able to 
>handle DHCP
>on external nic and still use forwarding. On the internal net you 
>probably need
>to set a static ip. Add your nics MAC address for at static ip in the
>config on the router.

Certainly it needs fixed IP addresses internally, otherwise you don't 
know for sure where to port forward to!

If the router will port forward without having a fixed outside IP 
address from the ISP then fair enough you should be able to get it to 
work, but the OP will need to know what the dynamic outside IP 
address is at the time. Just clicking on will 
provide this information. Mine is provided by Virgin Media. It only 
changes rarely but it does change.

I'll try to find time to look on the setup page on my router when I 
get home tonight. That will be in about six hours I expect. It did 
have to be flashed a few months (or was it a year or two :-) ) ago so 
the port forwarding arrangements might have changed with the new firmware.


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