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David Fletcher kubuntu-users at
Thu Feb 7 13:06:21 UTC 2008

At 12:35 07/02/2008, you wrote:

>Just turn the firewall of will not help. 99% of all home routers will use
>Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)
>i.e. you got one external/public ip-address on the router and an
>internal ip-address
>on your computer. So if you want to access your computer from internet you
>need to translate the external ip and port in the router to your
>computers ip and
>port. It should be something like "port forward" in the router that
>you need to configure.
>/ Jonas

Got to be careful here, I think. I'm no expert, but on my router 
which is a fairly old Belkin model, as I recall it says in the config 
pages that you can only do port forwarding if you have a fixed IP 
address from the ISP.

If I was to tell it a lie to get port forwarding to operate, would I 
end up screwing myself by stopping the router asking for DHCP service 
from the ISP? I guess it has to do that.

If the OP has a fixed IP address then no problem, but if not be 
careful is what I'm saying.


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