KDE4 crashing after log in... Just a tip

NekoMiMi Nju nekoo_and_nekite at yahoo.se
Tue Feb 5 15:25:27 UTC 2008

> hi all,
> Been using KDE4 every day since release day and do like it (quirks and
> all).
> Last night I decided to check for updates and there were a few (mainly
> KDE3.5 ones though) but I updated anyway. Everything was ok for a few
> minutes then plasma crashed to a grey screen. I logged out and logged
> back in but after the nice login screen (no sounds) I got a grey
> background screen with windows appearing on top of one another saying
> that Krunner had crashed 'causing a signal 6' also so did knotify4,
> plasma and kcminit_startup.
> After closing those windows I was left with no desktop at all, just the
> evil grey screen of death.  :(

Hey I was just thinking, You could rename the $HOME/.kde4/share/config folder 
i think it would be the easiest way

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