three issues

deguz deeguz at
Wed Feb 6 16:46:09 UTC 2008

On 05/02/2008, Constantinos Maltezos <pandarsson at> wrote:
> Hi.  I'm new to the list.
> I have three issues that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I have googled
> my butt off and haven't found anything to resolve them.  I've found answers
> that seem to have worked for some, but I have no such luck.
> First, a little information.  I'm using Gutsy (7.10).  I have it on a 10
> gigabyte partition on my Compaq Presario V5000 laptop.  It has an AMD Turion
> 64 CPU and an ATI graphics chip.  A Broadcom wireless network chip
> (fortunately got that working with ndiswrapper).  And everything is working
> beautifully but for the following issues.
> 1.  The console.
> After I choose to boot Kubuntu from Grub, I get a black screen.  It remains
> black until X starts.  After, if I go to the first console (ctrl+alt+f1), the
> font is huge and the resolution appears to extend below the bottom of the
> monitor.  And then, when I shut down, I get a black screen again.  I've
> installed SVGAlib and futzed around with some console configuration files
> in /etc, but there's been no change whatsoever.  This is particularly
> annoying because I'd like to check out KDE 4 and can't seem to get it into
> the system menu in KDM... which brings me to my second issue...


I had the same problem once, and i checked the xorg.conf file and in
the monitor section there was a virtual resolution or something. I
deleted it, and after that, the problem was gone. Try it, i hope it
will help.


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