How to SAVE new instructions added to the Firefox user preferences file?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Mon Dec 29 15:44:11 UTC 2008

With respect to your reaction...

> Why don't you read the big comment at the top of the file?
> /* Do not edit this file.

I have seen this too, but this does not solve the problem. I need to
change the file anyway.

>  *
>  * If you make changes to this file while the application is running,
>  * the changes will be overwritten when the application exits.

This is obvious.
But even if bring in the changes in the file AFTER closing Firefox,
Firefox seemingly overwrites those changes.

>  *
>  * To make a manual change to preferences, you can visit the URL
> about:config
>  * For more information, see
>  */

I did visit that website, however, I did not find there the answer to
my question.


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