Is there a way to install a keyboard that was programmed for Windows?

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Dec 29 14:42:53 UTC 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:

> On Sunday 28 December 2008 9:36:02 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> > I just purchased a new keyboard that has some nice features that
>> > require
>> > installing the software.  The programs are .exe's, and I use Kubuntu
>> > KDE.
>> > I moved them to the c: drive of Wine, however they were rejected.  Is
>> > there a way to work around this problem?  TIA
>> It doesn't work that way.  Even if the Windows executables run, they
>> aren't going to change the way your keyboard works under KDE.
> There isn't a way to make them work either, is there?

How would we know?  There almost certainly is - google for your keyboard 
(which you didn't tell us) and "Linux" and/or "KDE".

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