Is there a way to install a keyboard that was programmed for Windows?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Mon Dec 29 14:07:42 UTC 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:
> I just purchased a new keyboard that has some nice features that require 
> installing the software.  The programs are .exe's, and I use Kubuntu KDE.  I 
> moved them to the c: drive of Wine, however they were rejected.  Is there a 
> way to work around this problem?  TIA
> Steven
Hi Steven,

forget about the .exe's, they will only work with windows.

What you need is making all or (at least some) additional keys working 
with Linux.

For a start, I would look here:

Although those articles are not brand new, they are a good start.

Additionally this should work:

Kind regards and have a happy new year

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